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Collective Marketing For Farmed Fish

Smallholder fish farmers have what the markets need but don't have the quantities to meet the market demand. Their inability to consistently produce to sustain the market throughout the year, lack of information and networking and lack of proper marketing systems among others have hindered aquaculture value chain development in Kenya. AAK has found the answer to this challenge! Through our cluster formation and mobilization model, fish farmers are able to have synchronised production system where different farmers groups produce at different time of the year.

This way farmers can produce large quantities of fish and of a consistent quality standard and market size.

This model will allow fish farmers to gather their produce together and market their produce collectively. Each individual farmer can only produce small quantity of fish. However, if groups of farmers gather together all their fish and put it in a collection centre or/ and cold room in one location, then there will be enough fish to sell in large quantity. As individuals, farmers have little bargaining power with traders and must often expect almost any price offered. But when farmers unite and form marketing clusters they gain a strong voice that enables them to dictate their own prices to the traders.Here at AAK we call this Collective Marketing!

It is key that fish farmers require a very high degree of co-ordination in order for this model to work. Therefore different clusters will produce at different times and each cluster will need to work toward producing fish of the same quality, market size and ensure that it is delivered at the same time. AAK has gone an extra mile to form contact offices at both county and sub county level represented by the best fish farmers in each area to be able to coordinate and monitor this operations. 



AAK is the National umbrella body of all fish farmers in Kenya.It was formed to bring together all fish farmers in Kenya with the sole purpose of providing them with one voice on common issues affecting them.

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