Why Join the AAK?

AAK is a registered Association with a mandate to facilitate the development, exploitation, utilization, management and marketing of aquaculture resources sustainably through lobbying, collaborations and partnerships, and research to increase incomes, job creation, increase food security and poverty alleviation. It does this by organizing workshops, field days, exhibitions and campaigns to help address topical issues, publish the events and lobby the relevant institutions on issues affecting farmers.

Benefits of being an AAK Member 

  •       We provide a platform for farmers to come together.

  •     Through our resource and call center we serve as a direct source of information and sharing to fish farmers, government agencies, partners, consumers and other relevant stakeholders within Aquaculture industry

  •   We advocate for farmers training and capacity building on a continuous basis on issues such as synchronized production, pond management, marketing and value addition e.t.c

   We advocate for exchange programs in countries more advanced in fish farming technology. 


Other benefits include;

·        Subscription to the Latest Newsletters available to members via the website.

·         Discount on Advertising fees on the Website.

·         Discount on Advertising fees on the Newsletter.

·         Discount registration fee to AAK conferences

·         Members are added to a database of service providers for recommendations.

·         Effective representation of interests on county, national and international forums.

·         To facilitate the flow of information between its members and associated interest groups

·         Networking opportunities


Upon completion of this form, a membership application form will be sent to you for completion via email from the AAK office.


Membership to the Association is only confirmed upon receipt of payment of membership.




Kindly contact AAK head office for the registration form 




AAK is the National umbrella body of all fish farmers in Kenya.It was formed to bring together all fish farmers in Kenya with the sole purpose of providing them with one voice on common issues affecting them.

Contact Us


Museum Hill/Kipande Road
P.O. Box 2786-00200
Tel: +254 726 717 949

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