Strategic Plan

AAK Strategic Plan

AAK’s strategic goals over the planned period are guided by the association mandate to facilitate the development, exploitation, utilization, management and marketing of aquaculture resources sustainably through lobbying, collaborations and partnerships, and research to increase incomes, job creation, increase food security and poverty alleviation.AAK will achieve this by focusing on seven areas which include but not limit to;

Improve the performance of the Association

This will be done through capacity improvement increased and stronger membership base, and promotion of partnerships and affiliations for improved livelihood.

Enhance service delivery to members

AAK will achieve this through networking and promotion of partnerships and collaborations for increased membership.

Sustain the Association operation and management

AAK will ensure this through increased membership, annual subscriptions, enhanced resource mobilization, effective partnerships and collaborations as well as alignment to the devolved government.

Improve marketing strategies and enhanced existing marketing channels

This will be achieved by promoting specialization, value addition, positive cultural practices and changing consumer tastes.

Information and communication platform

An effective information and communication system and structure both with fish farmers, stakeholders, partners and collaborators will be developed.

Youth and women involvement in Aquaculture Development

AAK will promote and encourage more involvement of youth and women in aquaculture.

Environmental conservation

AAK will promote environmental conservation through empowering actors, promoting linkages and dialogue as well as creating an enabling policy environment within the aquaculture sub-sector.



AAK is the National umbrella body of all fish farmers in Kenya.It was formed to bring together all fish farmers in Kenya with the sole purpose of providing them with one voice on common issues affecting them.

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